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The Marschall Acoustics Instruments Digital Audio Workstation Mk III (continued)

A digital audio workstation that can be connected to MIDI controllers.  Capable of simulating large pipe organs, theatre organs, and 'classic synthesizers' and virtually all popular effects.  It is also has substantial capabilities for MIDI composition, arranging, scoring, and rendering in addition to 'ordinary' digital audio recording and audio/video editing.

The software heart of the Marschall Acoustics Digital Audio Workstation MKIII is an enhanced OEM version of Fervent Software's STG2 audio content creation real-time  Linux distribution.  Workstations for some customers have also included the Ubuntu Studio multimedia real-time Linux distribution as a dual-boot option.

The MAI Audio Workstation includes seamless stable integrated recording (Ardour), MIDI editing, scoring, arranging (Rosegarden), synthesis, and effectsIncluded software synthesizers include those of classic synths and electronic organs, sophisticated drum machines, orchestral instruments, and pipe organs.  The included effects pretty much cover the functionality of common professional recording studio effects boxes over the history of recorded music.  A reasonably complete set of tools to facilitate the creation of scores and soundtracks for video is also included.

Custom configurations catering to customer specific requirements are available.  Options delivered in the past have included greater video content creation and editing capabilities, greater audio signal analysis and display functions, and even more organ (electronic and pipe) simulators and synthesizers.

Synthesizers, emulators, effects, inputs, and outputs all connected using JACK

The above is an example of our giant Theatre/Concert organ emulator being patched through JACK.   Effects may be inserted at this stage, connections to recording packages, and outputs routed to any of the audio output channels.

Below is an example of using the Rosegarden MIDI editor, scorer, and arranger.  Not only are top quality band and orchestral sounds playable from any MIDI keyboard but they are also accessible from the major compositional tools.

Powerful MIDI sequencing via the most up to date Rosegarden package 

Other compositional tools include the LMMS package which is especially suited to the creation of modern "Techno" dance and video soundtracks.  It  is capable of traditional styles of music and can access the range of synthesizers and effects available on the workstation.  A screenshot of the LMMS package running on the workstation is shown below:

LMMS for Techno soundtrack creation.

Read more about the Marschall Acoustics Instruments Digital Audio Workstation's capabilities for multichannel recording, audio editing, signal analysis, and hardware configuration here.

Free downloads of orchestral and theatre organ musical selections produced with the Marschall Acoustics Instruments digital audio workstation are available here .

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