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More Free Music Downloads

Free music downloads in the open standard Ogg Vorbis format demonstrating a Marschall Acoustics Instruments digital audio workstation and organ emulator. All works on this page are  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia Licensed so copy and distribute as much as you want for personal use. 

Creative Commons License

The examples on this page were produced with the  Mk II and Mk III versions of the workstations.   

Most modern computers and digital audio players can play Ogg Vorbis format audio "out of the box".  A variety of players for most computer platforms can be found at . The multichannel .ac3 format examples are playable on many "home theatre" systems and on platforms used to create movie soundtrack content.  All tracks are Ogg Vorbis format unless otherwise specified and intended for download and later playback rather than real-time streaming.

The following three tracks are from Peter Carroll-Held's new CD "Sketches of a Better Time" issued by Move Records as MCD391.
The album is a virtual reconstruction of a 1900's town hall pipe organ concert in an upbeat theatrical style.

Track 1:  Waratah Valsette by P. Held, Londonderry Air, and Come Back Paddy Reilly to Bally James Duff by P. French (3.5 MB)

Track 11: One Fine Day by G. Puccini, Medley of Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas, and Scaramouche by F. Charrosin (9.3 MB)

Track 17:Spanish Gypsy Dance by P. Narro (2.8 MB)

The following selections are from a work in progress by MAI staff, some of which will appear on the album  "Naive Impressions".  These items are in the style of the ground-breaking early synthesists of the late 1960's and early 1970's whose main tools were analog synthesizers and reel-to-reel multitrack tape.  Analog and early digital-analog hybrid synthesizers typically had hundreds of controls allowing for finely nuanced interpretations.  Synchronization of the many tracks necessary for orchestral works performed on synthesizer was  difficult and time consuming in the 1960's and 1970's.  It is much easier today with the Marschall Acoustics Instruments MKIII  real-time Linux based digital audio workstations.  These are another example of using modern tools to achieve "retro" sounds.

Golliwogg's Cakewalk from "Coin des Enfants"   by Claude Debussy  (2.5 MB)

Snowflakes are Dancing (La neige danse) from "Coin des Enfants"   by Claude Debussy (3.4 MB)

Gymnopedie No. 1   by Erik Satie (3.0 MB)

Clair de Lune from "Suite bergamasque"   by Claude Debussy (Orch. by Maurice Ravel) (stereo .ogg audio format file)(6.4 MB)

Clair de Lune from "Suite bergamasque"   by Claude Debussy (Orch. by Maurice Ravel) (5.1 channel surround sound .ac3 audio format file)(19.3 MB)

Gnossienne-No. 1 by Erik Satie (4.2 MB)

Sonatine Bureaucratique by Erik Satie (4.9 MB)

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faune by Claude Debussy (stereo .ogg audio format file)(11.7 MB)

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faune by Claude Debussy (4 channel Quad .ac3 audio format file)(33.4 MB)

MAI staff are involved in various areas of mathematical music research and development.  The following selections are examples of computer aided composition with various AI tools together with digital audio synthesis.  These selections should be played back on good audio equipment in a quiet environment.  Styles vary drastically from selection to selection as they are proof of concept.

Cave Rave  by R. A. Marschall  (3.5 MB) A short, rave/trance dance item.

Cave Rave (radio remix)   by R. A. Marschall  (5.3 MB) A short, rave/trance dance item with a more prominant midrange and less sub-bass.

Hidden Leaves by R. A. Marschall (9.6 MB) A calming primitive jungle music piece in three movements.

Etude on a Rachmaninoff Data Structure by R. A. Marschall (25.7 MB) A "conservatory" style piece for two pianos and eight hands.  In memory of Graziella N. Zeblisky (1929-2005), pianist, painter, sculptor, artist.

Out of Space and Time  by R. A. Marschall  (9.3 MB) A mistake in the studio led to this curious spacy tune.  'Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken!' .

Bach Hardhouse  (1.2 MB) What if J.S. Bach had been a head-banger?

'Sounds Like' Series

Need to evoke a particular mood or era for your movie, documentary, video game, or multimedia presentation?

Do you desire unique legally unencumbered music for your hotel, pub, club, casino, or restaurant?

MAI has (arguably unique) resources for creating new custom quality content in bulk, quickly and economically. No mobsters or temperamental artists to deal with, just straightforward quotes, production, and deliveries.

Any style, any era, examples below:

Suite for Strings, Op. 1  by R. A. Marschall  (8.7 MB) 1770's European Classical in the style of Haydn, Mozart, et. al.

Minuet for Piano, Op. 2 by R. A. Marschall  (1.9 MB) Another example in imitation of the same period of revolution in music (and other things).

Suite for Flute and Harpsichord, Op. 3 by R. A. Marschall  (4.5 MB) Yet another example to prove the point.

Suite for Wind Quartet, Op. 4  by R. A. Marschall  (4.5 MB) Just to beat it to death! Can I really take credit for the AI contribution? But then I built it --- we have no framework outside of speculative Sci-Fi for this, but it is here, now!

Big White Parrot  by R. A. Marschall  (8.3 MB) Progressive Rock of the late 1960's (based on J.S. Bach's BWV 622, BWV 772, and others) It might sound familiar, but it's not - sort of music from a parallel universe!

Big White Parrot  by R. A. Marschall  (20 MB)(Quad, ac3 format) Quad (four channels) was popular at the time, here it is again!

Big White Parrot, easy listening version by R. A. Marschall  (7.6 MB) Remember 'easy listening', whatever did that mean? Here it is the main melody as a solo.

Pair of Dice  by R. A. Marschall  (4.2 MB) Jazz in the style of the late 1970's

Pair of Dice  by R. A. Marschall  (8.9 MB) (Quad, ac3 format) A little late for stylistically for quad, but still within the realm of possibility.

Piss in the Jar  by R. A. Marschall  (3.0 MB) A satire on 'Traditional' Irish Pub Music ;)

The examples on this page were produced with the Mk II, Mk III, and later, versions  of the Marschall Acoustics Instruments Digital Audio Workstation.  Earlier material produced on the original Beta Test and Mk I version can be found here  (of course the later versions can do everything the earlier ones could do, are physically much smaller, and have even greater capabilities.)

We routinely work with top musicians so if you need something scored or composed in Australia give us a call.