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Free Music Downloads

Free music downloads in the open standard Ogg Vorbis format demonstrating a Marschall Acoustics Instruments digital audio workstation and organ emulator. All works on this page are  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia Licensed so copy and distribute as much as you want for personal use.  Telephone, fax, or write us if you wish to use these works for commercial use.

Creative Commons License

The examples on this page were produced with the Beta Test and Mk I (early) versions of the MAI DAW.  For later material produced on the Mk II and Mk III versions click here.

Linux, the computer operating platform choice of serious professionals.

Amazing Grace – A rendition making use of solo and straight organ stops, mild organ choruses, soft theatre organ tremulants, and cathedral chimes.

Fugue in G Minor, BWV578 by J.S. Bach – A well known classical organ piece highlighting assertive reeds and diapason choruses.

Operatic Ragtime – Shows off straight organ pipes against tremolo tibias and percussions.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by G.F. Handel – Demonstrates theatre organ sounds, straight organ and tremolo theatre organ strings, and percussions.

Wachtet auf, ruft uns die Stimme by J.S. Bach – A 'theatre organ' used straight as a classical baroque organ. No mixtures, but good reeds make up for it.

Zadok the Priest by G.F. Handel – A full 'in your face' theatre organ rendering in perhaps questionable taste. Real organists say they find this version 'interesting'.

Bolero by Maurice Ravel - This (fake) orchestral rendering simulates a popular (real) orchestral recording of the 1970's.  (Caution!  The orchestral selections have large file sizes.)

The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss - This real-time orchestral rendering speaks for itself.  (Caution!  The orchestral selections have large file sizes.)

The Moldau (Vitava) by Bedrich Smetana - An orchestra rendering featuring solo instruments, softer orchestra, as well as full orchestra.

Dances of Galanta by Zoltan Kodaly - More orchestral contrasts . . . Hard to believe it is a real-time rendering and not a recording of a real orchestra!

Overture from the Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A loud, vigorous orchestral rendering.

Suite de Danse by Pierre Attaingnat - A harmonious medieval piece featuring soft pipe organ flutes and bourdons.

Ich war ein Maedchen - An early music piece highlighting woodwinds and flutes.

Magnus divus Panos - Another early short piece for reeds and pipes.

Gavotte par Terpsichore by Michael Praetorious - A soft melodius tune on pipe organ.

Patapan - A Burgundian melody of drums and pipes.

Lo non compro pia speranz by Marchetto Cara - Percussion and lute characterize this unusual tune from the middle ages.

Pavanne de la Guerra by Claude Gervaise - Bright reeds feature in this loud fanfare.

Alleluya Nativitas by Perotin - Pipe organ with a heavy reed solo.

Riu Riu Chiu - A catchy little melody featuring percussions, woodwinds, and flutes.

Wann Ich des Morgens frueh aufsteh by Ludwig Senfl - Virginal, horns, and woodwinds carry this restful tune.

Come again, sweet love doth now invite by John Dowland - An interesting composition on virginal, clavichord, and horns, with later contributions from flutes and woodwinds.

E la don don, Verges Maria - An unusual rhythmic piece featuring flutes, woodwinds, and percussions.

Baricade by Francois Couperin - A charming melody on virginal, clavichord, and harp.

Pase el aqua, ma Julieta - Percussions and horns drive this tune forward.

La My by Heinrich Isaac - Two cathedral pipe organs dual it out.  Not exactly easy listening!

Triplus Calzone by Claudio Merulo - An ethereal piece featuring the soft stops of a large organ.

Organum Duplum cum Cloche by Leoninius - This carillon and pipe organ selection puts the 'Dark' back into the Dark Ages.

The examples on this page were produced with the Beta Test and Mk I (early) versions of the MAI DAW.  For later material produced on the Mk II and Mk III versions click here.

We routinely work with top musicians so if you need something scored or composed in Australia give us a call.