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Marschall Acoustics Instruments DAW Mk III

An even more powerful digital audio workstation that can be connected to any MIDI controller including MIDI organ consoles.   Capable of simulating large pipe organs, theatre organs, and 'classic synthesizers' along with a vast array of orchestral instruments and sound effects.   It is has substantial capabilities for MIDI composition, arranging, scoring, and rendering in addition to leading edge digital audio recording and audio for video editing.

Concert and Theatre Organ Simulator Control Panel

The above is an example of our Concert/Theatre organ emulator built on the most excellent GENPO package.   Each division is on its own MIDI channel.   It is playable on a two manual console by using the couplers.   The stops are based on a combination of note by note samples and physical modelling.  It can be used SIMULTANEOUSLY with the Aeolus physical modelling pipe organ simulator for those who desire fine control of additional stop parameters.

Aeolus may be used simultaneously with the GENPO based Tosarian Dreams theatre organ simulator.

Going to extremes, it is possible to operate the Concert/Theatre organ, Aeolus, and the Bristol simulators all at the same time!

The three leading organ simulators can be used simultaneously on the MAI DAW Mk III.


With the acquisition of a Marschall Acoustics Instruments Digital Audio Workstation, your music studio and its existing MIDI keyboards or organ console can have an affordable organ simulator for practice, arranging, and composition.

Of course, the MAI DAW Mk III does much more than simulate organs and can be operated without a MIDI keyboard.
Read more about the technology here.  Read about the first versions from the year 2000 here.

Free downloads of  musical selections produced with the Marschall Acoustics Instruments digital audio workstation are available here .