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 Vibration Sensors

Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Ltd. designs, builds, and supplies a wide variety of vibration sensors.  These include our high fidelity long life solid state geophones, piezo-plastic shear transducers, and several types of moving coil transducers.

Our solid state geophones are capable of producing useful data from nearly DC to several kHz.  Our shear wave transducers directly detect fluctuating shear stresses from a few Hz to over 1.2 MHz.  Moving coil types include all popular geophysical elements as well as some larger low frequency and high output types.

A full range of signal conditioning is available-- true differential preamplification, pre-whitening, various filters, line drivers, summing networks, and telemetry.

Accessories such as our  mini-shaker table help you to calibrate our products or sensors from other manufacturers.

Call, fax, or email us with your specific requirements.