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Data Acquisition, Process Control, and Secure Data Communication

Marschall Acoustics Instruments P/L engineers have significant experience in both acoustic (seismic) and radio frequency (RF) data acquisition, processing, and secure data communication.

Data acquisition systems designed by MAI staff have included high bit (18-24 bit) seismic systems, medium bit (12-16 bit) real time audio recording systems, and various high data rate systems (up to 2 Gbytes/sec) for RF signal acquisition and oversampled audio frequency data acquisition.

MAI data recording and processing platforms include IBM OS/2 and Linux based laptops, workstations, and servers, as well as Concurrent Computers real-time UNIX and Linux systems.  Real time Linux and UNIX operating systems permit tight control of interrupt latency  -  preventing the potential loss of critical data.  State of the art software tools such as high level graphical programming languages and compilers allow MAI to code custom software quickly and accurately.  MAI is fully  licensed  to use and sell within embedded systems extensive proven source code libraries from several well known suppliers, so chances are MAI has many of the core subroutines for custom jobs already written and tested.

Signal processing algorithms available to MAI include those for multi-dimensional spectral analysis, joint time frequency analysis, deconvolution, and many others employed in imaging objects from emitted and scattered elastic and electromagnetic waves.  Complementing these are extensive software tools for data communications and display.   A range of recording media are also supported, including the popular Iomega Zip and Jaz removable disk drives, along with standard CD-RW and other open standard formats.

Data or selected data may be required to be transmitted to a processing or control centre.  MAI staff understand the use of encryption for privacy, transmission error detection and correction, and authentication.  Data may transmitted via RF or hardwire links including the Internet.  MAI has considerable TCP/IP development tools for secure client/server data acquisition and transmission.

Control of remote mineral and petroleum extraction and processing facilities should use the most secure and reliable means possible. Use of consumer grade methods and hardware for such purposes is just inviting disaster – even if the mass media reports it as 'terrorism' or an 'accident'. Protect your shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders in your enterprise. Use solid secure tools, such as provided by MAI, to communicate with and control your facilities.

MAI staff have provided numerous secure communications systems for offshore petroleum
 exploration and production.  Keep your seismic ship and offshore oil rig operations reliable and secure with
 data acquisition, industrial control, and telemetry systems from Marschall Acoustics Instruments.

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